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In my five months of working with Carie, I found her to be professional, skilled, and great to work with. She is always willing to explain and educate, and best of all her treatments are tailored to the specific needs of the day, which makes them very effective. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
E. P., Portland

I was not a true believer in Chinese Medicine until Carie helped me.

Due to an old injury, and made worse by playing softball, my knee was very painful. On a scale of 1-10, it was an 8. I do not like needles, but I really needed some relief from the pain.

Carie used something called moxibustion to treat my knee. Well, I was quite skeptical that this would work. But, the pain went down to a 5, which was amazing. After the second round of moxibustion, the pain went from a 5 to a 2. I could not believe how quickly the pain in my knee went away. All this was done without any needles. I'd say in a span of 10 minutes my knee was feeling 100% better than it was before the treatment.

I didn't always believe in acupuncture. However, after suffering from lower back pain for over a decade and then reinjuring it, I asked Carie for help. For me this was an act of desperation. I didn't think it would help but I just couldn't take the discomfort any more.

I experienced pain relief almost immediately and have been pain free for over two years. I learned that Chinese Medicine isn't only needles. Carie used moxibustion on my back as well as needles and I loved the treatment.

I was so impressed with my treatment that I sought help from Carie again when I sprained my ankle. Carie successfully reduced swelling, discoloration, and pain in my ankle.

For anyone considering acupuncture I recommend Carie. She is a gifted healer who deeply cares about her patients.

The wellness benefits of Acupuncture under Carie Bernard’s care have been immeasurable, complementary and the missing link in restoring my health.

I am deeply impressed by Carie Bernard’s fine balance of professional ethics, theory, compassion, generosity and sincere willingness to empower her patients.

Carie cares. Carie listens. These qualities coupled with Carie Bernard’s ability to apply the philosophies and theories of acupuncture and Oriental medicine are just some of the reasons why I unhesitatingly highly recommend her to anyone seeking wellness too.